Haryanvi Films

Haryanvi films are films in the Haryanvi dialect of Hindi. Due to the dominance of the Mumbai-based Hindi film industry, films in Haryanvi were not extensively produced until the 1980s. The financial success of Devi Shankar Prabhakar's Chandrawal (1984) was largely responsible for the continuing production of Haryanvi films, although none have been as successful. Other films such as Phool Badan and Chora Haryane Ka followed with only about one out of twelve films being profitable at the box office.[1] In 2000, Aswini Chowdhary won the Indira Gandhi Award for Best First Film of a Directorat the National Film Awards for the Haryanvi film Laddo. In 2010 the government of Haryana announced they were considering establishing a film board to promote Haryanvi-language films. Unlike other state governments, Haryana's does not subsidize the production of regional films or exempt them from the entertainment tax.

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